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Top tips for a stress free holiday season

how to de stress

Christmas is an exciting and joyful time of year, but can often be very busy and stressful with the endless amounts of shopping, cooking and entertaining! As we head into this busy time, here are our top tips for a stress-free holiday season to help keep you calm and on top of things, so you can truly enjoy holidays. 

Stay organized

Create to-do lists so you can be efficient and make the best use of your time. Remember that it’s not all on you either; delegate tasks so you don’t have to do everything yourself.  Also try to stay on top of your budget so your credit card bill won’t surprise you come January!

Take care of your body

It’s okay to splurge on stuffing and extra dessert during the holiday season, but make sure you squeeze in some exercise too. A brisk 30 minute walk can do wonders for your digestion, plus help you feel a bit lighter after over-indulging! If you’re really wanting to work off that Christmas cake, try a more calorie blasting workout such as 5 minutes of skipping or an hour bike ride around your holiday spot.

Schedule time to pamper yourself

Even if you’re busy, you and your wellbeing should still be a priority. So make sure you schedule some time to do something you love. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; give yourself an at-home facial, get a massage or curl up with a good book. Taking time out will help you relax and feel refreshed for the busy holiday season.

Be kind to yourself

Remember, Christmas is about being with friends, family and having fun, not about being perfect. If you overcook the turkey, let it go. Not every detail has to be perfect for you and your loved ones to have a great time.

Also try to eliminate any unnecessary stressful situations. If going to the mall for Christmas presents stresses you out, consider shopping online instead. Being kind to yourself will help diffuse potential stressors that may arise.