Do you really need a Winter SPF?

There is often a misconception that you only need sunscreen when it’s warm outside or it’s a clear day, sitting by the pool or the beach. It’s not just a misconception held by individuals. Ever notice how the sunscreen displays are prevalent in the spring and summer, yet you have to look around for it during the winter?

Applying sunscreen to your entire body, and most importantly your face, is imperative in the winter months as well. You should also get in the habit of reapplying throughout the day. Your skin gets dryer in the winter due to the colder air not holding a high density of water molecules. Warm air on the other hand, holds a higher density of water molecules and thus keeps your skin more hydrated.

This is when winter weather can be introduced to an indispensable product with SPF (sun protector factor) like our Essential-C Day Moisture. This product contains protective molecules called Ectoines that bind water to their cellular membranes. These molecules help to moisturize your skin and protect it from everyday assaults from stress, pollution and sun year-round.

Clear skies are not the only forecast for lathering up and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Don’t let a cloudy day fool you into thinking your skin is safe from harm. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) up to 80 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can pass through cloud coverage. These harmful rays attribute to 90 percent of skin cancer cases, making winter SPF is anything but optional for your health.

Furthermore, if you are a winter sports enthusiast, the combination of higher altitude and UV rays reflected off the snow put you at a higher risk for sun damage to your skin. When you are on slopes, your skin is not only susceptible to the UV rays and dry air, but high winds, which will further deplete its health. In this scenario, reapplying moisturizer and taking breaks indoors away from the elements are good precautions.

Ultimately, you want keep yourself bundled up during the winter with plenty of products with SPF in them to prevent sun damage and keep your skin radiant and healthy.